March 12, 2007

Assassination Overdue?

International Release
Warrior 07 Editorial
By Agent 007
Hello to All Americans — Why does Pat Robertson of the 700 Club want the communist president of Venezuela assassinated? Why are Cuba’s Castro and baby Hugo Chavez playing buttbuddies with killer Muslims? Get the straight stuff at where
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Assassination Overdue for DickTater Chavez?
BOOM !!! Stand by for another assassination of yet another loudmouth communist DickTater of Venezuela, President baby Hugo Chavez. His sidekick, the crazy Vice President Vicente Rangel got all excited in August 2006 because Pat Robertson told viewers of the 700 Club that Chavez (The DickTater) was turning his oil-rich South American country into “a launching pad for communist infiltration and Muslim extremism all over the continent.” “If he thinks we are trying to assassinate him, I think we really ought to go ahead and do it.”

Good for Robertson. Maybe God spoke to him (for real) and told him to speak those witty words of wisdom. Too bad our president does not have the same amount of testicular fortitude.

Isn’t Hugo some brand of lousy automobile? Or a silly cartoon character? Anyway, this Vicente Rangel sidekick of baby Hugo’s demanded that Robertson be shot or something for saying such a tacky thing. A US State Department spokesman named Sean McCormack flat lied and said the broadcaster’s remarks “do not represent the views of the United States.” That was months ago and Venezuela DickTater is still crazy and hotter than a pepper sprout. Who cares? The worst thing that happened is that Robertson ran for the GOP presidential nomination in 1988 and lost. We need a president with chutzpah like Robertson demonstrated.

DickTater Hugo Chavez is playing buttbuddy with Fidel Castro, the Commie Cuban DickTater, who is about to croak, thank God, and both of them are dazzled by Muslim oil money, or big sticks or something. Those guys think that playing sweethearts of Muslims and Commies will get them something. It will. Probably death by serious two-faced terrorists, who will then blame the US and/or Jews like they blame everything else us. Watch and see.

In January 2007, baby Hugo finally got around to telling US officials “Go to Hell, Gringos” and then called Condoleezza Rice “missy”. Couldn’t he at least have said “Bitch”? This guy is really a rough and tough meany wuss mouthpiece of Commies and Muslim murderers. He has no idea what he is being set up for. If he is paranoid now, wait until he really freaks out if someone tips him off.

In 2002 a failed coup forced him out of office for 2 lousy days and he has been pissed at the US ever since. The pussyfoot Bush boys denied involvement but refused to condemn the event. Assassinations of world leaders have been forbidden since 1976 by executive order of then-President Gerald Ford. Forbidden? Sure they are. (LOL) Has anyone realized yet that Gerald is dead? Aren't Mafia hitmen still around that charge $200 bucks?

Baby Hugo whined that US troops would be “soundly” defeated if we decide to invade Venezuela. What a silly notion. Muslims already have. What is he going to do? Kill our Marines with that lousy “soundly” music of his? Baby Hugo is still rattling his cage, accusing US Drug Enforcement agents of spying on him. The Bush boys lied again saying no way, Jose, we no spy on you, amigo.

Will someone please tap Baby Hugo on the shoulder and tell him that if he used toilet paper we would know the brand name? This big missy meany is another sicko just asking for it. Ask and ye shall receive. Perhaps he has a death wish, knowing that his fellow Venezuelans have him in the crosshairs of their pistolas and he is nervously setting up the US and Jews to blame. Or perhaps he as a premonition that Muslim murderers will chop his stupid head off. Assassins usually don’t mind blaming the US and/or Jews. Who cares what Commie DickTaters say anyway?
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